Performance car insurance

Performance car insurance from the Insurance Hub

There's something sublime about getting behind the wheel, or even into the passenger seat, of a high performance sports car. It's worth the cost and the maintenance; it's even worth the high insurance. Yet it doesn't seem fair that your premiums should go off like a rocket just because your car can.

Surely you should be judged on your own driving record, and not that of other drivers who own the same kind of car as you? And then there's the fear common among high street providers of the cost involved in the intricate repairs and hard-to-come-by parts of sports cars and classic cars. Surely you shouldn't lose out just because your car is special?

Performance car insurance from the Insurance Hub is based on the principle that you should be treated as an individual; which is why we use the latest technology to search through hundreds of policies from the UK's most-established insurance providers

Whether you own a racy sports model or a classic roadster, our experience in the insurance market means that we know which insurers will cater to your needs. Kit cars, imports, limited-mileage or daily use: you name it and we can give you a competitive quote

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