Women's car insurance

Women's car insurance from the Insurance Hub

It's well known that women are statistically safer on the roads than men, and it's only fair that this is reflected in their car insurance premiums. In fact, research shows that women do have approximately the same number of accidents, but that they are generally less serious and typically don't involve drink or dangerous driving. But why split hairs? Whatever the statistics, the end result's the same and that's cheaper car insurance for lady drivers.
It makes sense for insurance companies to offer cheap insurance to women drivers too. The reduced risk means lower premiums, hence that situation so rare in business where everyone wins. You can expect:  

  • Some serious savings your policy when you switch to us
  • Policies catering to a wide range of women drivers, whatever your age or driving history
  • Various methods of payment available
  • In most cases we can offer named drivers the equivalent no claims bonus as their insured partner

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