Young driver car insurance uk

Young driver car insurance form the Insurance Hub

No matter how careful the individual, young drivers frequently have to pay for the recklessness of their peers. Statistics put young men of 17 to 24 at the top of the ladder for risk; sending young driver premiums sky high. To make matters worse young drivers usually haven't had the experience to build-up any no claims discount.
Until recently the unenviable task of paying for insurance was typically left to parents; who had their arms twisted to add their children as named drivers to existing policies. However, at the Insurance Hub we like to think a little differently; and we don't believe that you should be penalized for what your contemporaries might get up to.
Our online quotation system searches through hundreds of policies to find the one that suits you best. Plus there are plenty of other ways you could save, for example:

  • You could make a potential saving of up to 30% on your premium by taking the government-approved Pass Plus scheme, designed to help you increase your expertise as a new driver.
  • Have you thought about a special six-month starter policy to help you with your no-claims bonus? Little or no driving history has traditionally meant no bonus: not with us.

So whether you're a student, in your first job, or even a concerned parent looking for the best policy for your child, why not let us help you find the deal to make those first driving years as simple and cheap as possible? To find out what we deals we can offer young drivers visit our online quotation engine.